I said it yesterday, no one is immune to public scorn on social media. You get hit squarely and attacked from all corners of the cardinals. Kenyans on social media can mean to be mean when they decide to. The axe fell on Ciku Muiruri some few days and today it falls on Jamila Mbugua of K24. Jamila took to Facebook to post a picture her 40,000/- weave but Kenyans did not take it lightly. 1902771_584512078342587_4566221717081572957_n They clobbered her with all sorts of harsh and hilarious comments. Adel Valeezy commented; the money is not the issue.   the hair doesnt look like it costs that much it just looks kawaida.am shocked that Jane’s work can turn out this way 😐 Here’s the post.