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Do you have a Masters degree in either Economics, Commerce or Business Administration?

Do you have three years of experience in international trade and marketing?

The Indian High Commission in Nairobi is looking for you. In an advert placed on local dailies, they are requesting you to send your bio data to [email protected] by November 10, 2014.

However, there’s a catch. The pay is only $540 (Sh48,000).

Sure we’ve heard stories of Indian employers exploiting Kenyans, but we did not know they pick the habit from their government. With the credentials they’ve asked for, that amount is way too little.

Here are some comments from Kenyans on Facebook.

Wolves Captain – Putting it in dollars makes it polite #clever

Wicklif Omondi Orimba – Tell them to recruit in India not Kenya.

Dan Odhiambo Bluez – Do they know the cost of education in Kenyan?

Philip Msagha Mutua – Mnasema hivo…….im sure the applications will be overflowing. Unemployment is real. Sad though.

Rono Nixon – #Someonetellindians we stopped serving as slaves.

Nicholas Were – saw it,felt lile modern day brain slaverly..

Vio Keat – That money is not even enough for rent!!!

Eddie Mwangi Maina – An Ambulance driver gets Ksh. 68,000  All they need is a driving license and a KCSE certificate

Symon Muriithi – Indians. …Indians Hawalipi

Festus Murithi – Indians are the meanest people in the world .Hawatalipa hata hiyo mandazi

Esmond Majanga – Surely! That’s an abuse to Kenyan Degrees!