You probably know that wine is used to flavour food, but did you know beer can also be used in cooking.

Marinating meat with beer not only tenderizes it but also neutralizes carcinogens from burnt meat.

Did you also know that beer has less calories than wine?

Here are a few other facts:

  • The US is overtaking wine capital, France, as the top market for wines
  • The most expensive wine ever was sold for $500,000!
  • The best selling beer brand in the world is actually Chinese Snow beer.
  • People who drink Cannonau red wine are more likely to live to be 100 years old
  • The oldest beer brewery opened in the year 1050 in Bavaria, Germany — and it’s still open!

And an interesting infographic by comparing beer and wine; showing popular brands, market trends and surprising facts.

Beer vs. Wine_Infographic_Finale