busI got into a Kenya bus home then sat between a chic and a dude. The guy seated on my right had a plastic bottle and started squeezing it, am later told he was forcing some air dosed with chemicals of some sought. I noticed the lady seated next to me covering her nose but I wasn’t cautious enough to notice anything. I started feeling drowsy like I had a lot of usingizi and I assumed it’s sleeping late, waking up early plus rehearsals. So I leaned my head back but avoided sleeping coz me hupitishwa stage yangu,, but I almost blacked out. I heard funny sounds like guys talking from mbali and strange patterns when I tried opening my eyes. At that point it hit me that I had been drugged. The chic next to me was like,’Switi ama tupitie hosi’ and her voice was… can I say distant, like my hearing wasn’t okay, sought of like I had my ears muffled and felt the guy on my right getting into my pocket. So I just shouted,’Hawa wananiibia’, but it was a struggle coz I realized I was talking like a drunk. There was a bit of a scuffle and i felt my head being hit. I struggled not to black out until I heard someone call my name, it was by luck someone knew me coz I was helpless. At that time I didn’t know who it was, I just got hold of his shirt with all the strength I had left.

My rescuer ensured I got medical attention thanks to someone who knew me happened to be in the bus and got me to a clinic and ensured I got home safe and sound you might not be as lucky…
##Be warned