nightIt’s Friday again and as usual people will do all kinds of crazy stuff.

As I was patrolling the interwebs, I happened to bump into this interesting Friday night story. We all love tales, so you better sit tight.

(Inspired by a true occurrence)

To this day, I am still not sure who between us funga-d the other. I however remember this chocolate colored woman finding me at the bar counter and asking me to buy her a drink. It was the end of the month and I had the salary of a junior civil servant in the pocket, so a Kingfisher it was. 
We were at the bar counter in the disco at Riverside Inn in Eldama Ravine – I am told it is now run down after ownership changed hands. We had to lean close to each other, almost intimately, to hear each other over the loud music. She told me her name, which has long disappeared in the mists of time. 
After a period of shouting in each other’s ear, and second kingfisher done with, it was quite clear that we had better things to do, rather than sit in a smoky disco listening to loud music an hour after midnight.

So out we went and when she learnt that my place was across the river, she suggested we go to her place in Majengo in the neighbourhood. The youthful bachelor in me did not pause to calculate the risk I was taking, going to spend the night in a strange woman’s house in Majengo. We were in this plot in a short while and that’s where the first and only surprise of the night happened. She had lost her keys earlier in the day and so we had to enter through this big wooden window; you know the ones that are secured with a bent nail.

Once inside, the kerosene lamp lit, we were soon all over each other and into the main business of the night.

Later, the slumber of the satisfied finally caught up with us. It was not until long after sunrise that we were woken by the chatter of her female neighbours. The need to pee was overwhelming but a dilemma arose; was I, a stranger, to emerge from their neighbour’s window. A karai, however, came in handy to relieve the pee pressure but I still needed to leave for my place.

It was then that we decided she gets out first and engage her neighbours so that they would not be alarmed when I emerged….. I eventually did, put on a brave face that did not reflect what I was feeling inside. She escorted me outside the gate and we agreed to meet again soon.

Alcohol, and youth, can make you do crazy things….