The elimination of Sabina Stadler from the Big Brother House came as a shocker to many not only in the country but across Africa. The actress had already endeared herself to a lot of viewers from the first day but Big brother had other plans.

Following the elimination Sabina has for the first time spoken up about her two week experience in the house. Being the strong personality that she is, Sabina appears to be coping well with the elimination and promises we will get to see more from her.

This is what she had to say:

“The best two weeks of my life. Glad ill get to meet all the housemates again soon. I’ll miss walking around with a mic, biggies voice, saxophones, guitars, hiding food and alcohol. lol. thank you kenya for voting , I see you voted to the max, thanks.

I held my head high and knowing I was the most entertaining kind n beautiful woman n left with two other very strong personalities.. I give God the glory because he chose me to be the Kenyan rep, cos trust there are other many Kenyans who r as much hotshots but all we need is an opportunity, to shine. And to Africa i love you. i dream for you,i act for you, and i came there for you. thanks to biigie for believing and honoring my talent and passion and giving me strengtth and growth to keep believing in myself and my God. i am here to stay, and thank God for the two weeks and even getting into the house to begin with. I did my best and gave the best of me, and i hope you got to see that cos it’s not about the duration but what stamp i left in those two weeks. Wondering if my president is also planning to give me 200k $ like munya. lol. Kenya I’m coming tomorrow. see u soon. For my fans the journey continues. Stay tuned.”