jkiaI was browsing the interwebs and happened to bump into this story by a guy who was at JKIA when Saturday night’s ebola scare was going down.

As usual, it’s all about mistreatment, misinformation and airport officials not handling the situation properly. Read below.

On Saturday I boarded a plane at the lake side. Since I had been away from home for close to 2 months, I was eager to get to Nairobi and see my wife n kids. We started our journey at around 7.30pm landed at JKIA at around 8.20pm. As usual I informed my wife who was already at the airport that I had arrived n will be out in a few. I was wrong. The flight attendant made an announcement that the KAA officials want to conduct a random security check and so we should get back to our seats as we wait for them. The exercise was to take like 10min so she said. 30min later nothing had happened. The Pilot made a second announcement informing us that he has been requested to take the plane to the pavilion. One horrifying hour later, we started demanding for an explanation as to why we were being held. At this point the pilot came an told us that prior to flying to Kisumu, the plane had come from Juba and apparently a passenger aboard that flight had died and they were suspecting she had Ebola. He said we were now being isolated as we await for the medical team. One hour later, after speculations,blame games, insults, panic and frustration, 3 doctors came and boarded the plane. They gave us an old piece of paper where we were to write our names n contacts. We were told to avoid contact with other people until they get the results of samples sent to kemri. We were released at around midnight with no apology but with warnings. The way the authorities are handling this Ebola thing is worrying. They’re so casual only God knows.
I’m thankful the results came out negative and I can now interact with my family freely without fear.