Rabbit is one of the more popular rappers in the Kenyan industry. What you did not know about him is that he studied accounting at the Metropolitan University in Britain which he joined in 2006.

Speaking to Campus Vibe, Kaka Sungura recalled his campus days in which he revealed what life was like in a foreign land.

“It was in college that I developed the love for musical pieces. Since I was in love with mathematics, it was hard to imagine that I could pursue music as a career. My hands were full, and so I had to juggle between accounting, music and a small business to make some money. Most of the time, I wished class could end sooner to afford me some time to write songs. Interestingly, I never sang, all I did was write lots of songs in college.”

The Swahili shakespeare was a bad boy hitting on his lecturer.

“Lectures were fun, and I remember this young beautiful lecturer who made her classes fun to attend. She was very beautiful, which occasionally prompted me to tease her – not in a bad way. Unfortunately, this put me in her bad books. But she understood that it was all because of her beauty.”

Having failed in his quest with the lecturer, Rabbit found love somewhere else.

“Do you know that I dated a white girl? Yes, I did and we loved each other so much. But when I came back to Kenya, the long distance weakened the relationship. Soon, I started dating my current lovely wife. However, we still exchange greetings with the mzungu girl occasionally.”