The General Manager of one of Kenya’s most expensive joint, Caramel Lounge has responded to claims by communications chairman of the Tourism Recovery Task Force, Donald Kipkorir that three of his female friends were denied entry into the Westlands restaurant unfairly.

According to him, the lounge which has a bottle of brandy going for over sh1.2 million does not deserve to be operating in Kenya.

He posted on facebook : “Caramel Restaurant & Lounge-Nairobi, which is the most expensive restaurant in Nairobi, doesn’t know people! Today, after being on duty the whole day on behalf of the people of Kenya to revive tourism, I invited 8 friends for dinner. Three of them were ladies and were refused entry unless that they produce IDs showing they are not below 25, though there are no rules stating so.” 

The restaurant’s general manager, Giles Pattison however maintained that they do not allow anyone below the age of 25.

“As our policy, we don’t admit anybody who is below 25 years in the evenings. The three failed to produce the necessary documents and we were in no position to bend or break our policies. They could not have been allowed in at all. That’s when Kipkorir and the other guys protested, paid their bills and stormed out,” he said in an interview with Word Is.

Giles also responded to claims that the management was propagating gender and racial discrimination in its employment procedures.

“This restaurant is owned by Kenyans and 90 per cent of our entire workforce is Kenyan. So, I just don’t know where that issue is arising from.” He said.