* Luo men are tall
* Luo men are handsome
* Luo men love spending

1.) Luo men don’t like free things.

2.) Luo men don’t buy fake things

3.) Luo men dont beat or shout at ladies

4.)Luo men hate violence,they rarely start or engage in fights

5.)Luo men have good sleeping manners;they don’t snore, sleepwalk, sleepwalk or pee in bed

6.)Luo men like travelling and partying a lot

7.)Luo men are tall, dark-skinned and thoroughly handsome

8.)Luo men are masculine=well-built with broad chests

9.)Luo men are well-endowed with well-developed romantic tools

10.)Luo men are good lovers- elaborate fore players+extensive relayers

11.)Luo men live life largely and fully

12.)Luo men are generous,gentle,good-mannered and God-fearing

13.)Luo men spend big on themselves

14.)Luo men spend big on their ladies’ and ladies’ friends

15.)Luo men spend big on their children

16.)Luo men spend big on their in- laws

17.)Luo men love children

18.)Luo men assist their ladies with household chores

19.)Luo men don’t sleep with their ladies’ friends or their friends’ ladies

20.)Luo men don’t subject their ladies to hard/difficult tasks

21.)Luo men dont touch, ask or scheme for their ladies’ money or property

22.)Luo men are always optimistic

23.)Luo men are ambitious

24.)Luo men are good dancers

25.)Luo men are fast-learners

26.)Luo men smell good if not great

27.)Luo men appreciate their ladies,regularly showering them with expensive gifts and presents

28.)Luo men are well-informed and love learning

29.)Luo men are daring,but they dont stalk ladies

30.)Luo men are clear in speech- they talk with swag whether to police, thieves, pastors or to ladies

31.)Luo men love each other

32.)Luo men love themselves

33.)Luo men are good listeners

34.)Luo men are good story-tellers,with unique senses of humour

35.)Luo men are often clean, smart and don’t keep funny and childish hairstyles

36.)Luo men are very honest and rarely lie to their ladies.Even if they lie,they’ve got good memories

37.)Luo mean dream big,they are like Nigerian men.The only difference is that Nigerian men think like billionaires but act like hustlers while on the other hand, Luo men think like billionaires but act like millionaires

38.)Luo men have sexy voices-a combination of deep and high-pitch

39.)Luo men don’t dwell much on a lady’s past relationships,affairs,tribe,religion, race or creed

40.)Luo men dont abuse ladies, they tease them

41.)Luo men don’t like sex, they enjoy making love

42.)Luo men kiss and hug their ladies wholesomely

43.)Luo men don’t date ladies older than their mothers

44.)Luo men don’t listen to songs,they appreciate music

45.)Luo men don’t beep ladies or send PLEASE CALL ME messages

46.)Luo men are good Hosts/Guests

47.)Luo men have a preponderance to always visit art galleries,theatres and other performance spaces.

48.)Luo men are well connected and most of them know someone in high places,at appropriate cafe houses like JAVA and a limited number of international 5-star hotels

49.)Luo men have the rare ability to oblige women with their prowess and wondrous charms

50.)Luo men hate corruption, are free-spirited and independent- minded…

Lets all celebrate luo men