Despite KBC having the rights to air the world cup, Citizen TV was still the most viewed TV station in Kenya in the month of June and July.

GeoPoll, an organization that tracks TV viewership across Africa, has just released its findings.

In June, Citizen TV received 1.414 billion total views, nearly three times it’s closest rival KBC. The national broadcaster managed 565 million views, and was ranked second in that month.

Of course all this had to do with the World Cup.

KTN and NTV were a distant number 3 and 4 respectively, almost tying at 42 million views.


When the world cup ended, KBC’s advantage was gone and with it their top rank. In July, the national broadcaster dropped to fourth place, with KTN and NTV rising. At 1.373 billion total viewers, Citizen TV was still the leader by far.

Interestingly, it appears KBC recorded more viewers for the Netherlands vs Argentina game than for the final. GeoPoll places the number at 19.753 million viewers.



In August, the trend was the same with Citizen being the clear leader. KBC however dropped to fifth place with K24 rising to fourth.