It seems the Equity’s dream to dominate mobile telephony has started on a wrong foot. After weeks of disagreements with Safaricom, they were given the greenlight to test their new slim sim service for one year.

We were all excited because we saw this as a chance to bring down the cost of everything.. from voice services, to internet and mobile money. It appears however that Equity has zero interest in bringing down the cost of the first two.

According to a rate card circulating online, ‘Equitel’ will charge Sh8 per MB, making it the most expensive carrier in the country.

For the same amount, you will get nearly 8 times more data bundles on Safaricom. On Airtel, 10MB go for Sh10. Orange is also much cheaper considering they have lots of unlimited options.

It had been hoped that Equitel will also introduce an unlimited internet option, but no mention of that yet. Perhaps since they’re using Airtel’s infrastructure, there’s an agreement for them not to have better rates.

Anyway, there are reports that they’ll be rolling out their full bundle packages after launch, and I guess we’ll just have to wait. Hopefully they’ll not stick with the below rates.

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The bank has currently not brought in the thin sims being debated. Current users who consist of employees, their families and friends are using the normal sim cards.

Presenting Equitel.

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My Money, My Phone, My Life is their slogan and these are the papers you can expect to fill when you go for your free sim card at any of their branches.


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And when you finally have your Equitel line, this is how you can expect your phone to behave.