Harry Kimani, the guitar pro who wowed us with the hit Haiya is keen on a sensational comeback after his rehab stint.

Speaking to The Standard last week, the Afro fusion singer recalled that difficult period of his life.

“There has been so much negativity from the media. These stories about me struggling with addiction have greatly affected my family,” says Harry

“My family is always conscious about what the media portrays. Apart from when I was starting out, I have never been as depressed as it has been portrayed,” he adds.

“I was up and down and I needed a tranquil place. So I was lured into going to the centre with tales that the place had horses, a tennis court and a fishing area. Since I needed a quiet place, I went along, only to discover the place was a rehabilitation centre for heroin addicts. I don’t even do drugs,” he explains.

His last big project before he went MIA was the hit song Dodoma done with then-upcoming rapper Rabbit. Harry now reckons he is back for good with a lot of music in store.

“I have 74 songs that are unreleased. Starting in November, I will release a song every month. I am here to stay now.”