It’s official, nothing is beating Masaku 7s this year.

Kasarani’s Safaricom 7s is naturally expected to attract the biggest crowd, but that was not the case this weekend. The insane traffic caused by people making their way to the stadium was not witnessed on any day of the weekend. The stadium was almost empty and the after party never happened.




It’s not clear whether it’s the Kasarani venue or just Masaku 7s hangover, but something should be changed urgently.

It started last week when NACADA chairman John Mututho reportedly warned against sale of alcohol during the three day event. It is not clear whether that directive had anything to do with the lack of a noteworthy afterparty. Remember the reason why Masaku 7s will never be forgotten is mostly due to the Tusker after party that followed.

It has also been claimed that there’s some rivalry of some sort between Safaricom and Tusker (previous sponsors), and since Safaricom ran the show, Tusker Afterparty was out of the question.

So what can be done to prevent a repeat of the same next year?

Change the venue?… It may help, but that’s not entirely the cause of the low turnout. I fail to believe that guys are okay spending hours going to Machakos with a possibility of spending the night on the road, yet they cannot take a Paradiso or Zam Zam to Kasarani.

Bring back Alcohol?… No question here. No one goes to Safaricom 7s to buy airtime or to tetemesha. No alcohol, No party.

Finally, if you’re looking to have a grand event in Nairobi, make sure it does not come after the event of the year in Machakos. The bar will have been raised and to meet those expectations will not be a walk in the park. Come up with a way of taming the other series, or making Kasarani much better, or better still, making Masaku 7s your flagship.