Today i almost learned things the hard way in my time in business, Almost fell into the trap of one conman and his accomplice woman,so here`s what happened,this man MARTIN THIONG`O 0739030066 called me the day before yesterday after seeing my posted AD on OLX and says he`s from Thika Institute Of Business Studies.

He said the school wanted to make an order of 10 pieces of one of the printers that interested him among our many posts. he`d later get back at me yesterday to inquire about my bank details and to of course bargain since he was making a bulk purchase.. so he wants a discount aye..We conclude the price and apparently i only had three pcs of that model of printer in stock..two of them at the shop and one piece in the store (i could not stop cursing on how much i was losing out on and kept wishing i had the rest of the seven have made a kill I made millions of phone calls to suppliers to see if they had this printers readily available..but nothing)..

The guy claimed to be busy yesterday and so he requested to send a lady colleague on his behalf to come and pick the available three pieces with (note) BANKERS CHEQUE !!! which to my knowledge never bounce. the lady came at around 6pm after bank hours but the printer at the store was still there and through God`s plan we could not trace the store keys after her arrival. i asked to see the cheque which looked genuine by all means & decided to take a picture of it just to have a soft copy without the lady`s knowledge..

I then suggested that she leaves the cheque with me and that i would deliver the printers in the following morning and also foot for the cost for the whole inconvenience caused.. she made phone calls to Martin who insisted that she`d take back the cheque and bring it with her in the morning of today by 8am. i found the keys in my Jacket as i was going home last night and informed MARTIN of the same so he`d be sure today nothing would have disrupted this deal.

MARTIN called in the morning to say that the rain has caused too much traffic and the lady would be a lil late but should be at the shop by 10am. Around 9.30am, out of nowhere i decided to take the picture that i took of the cheque to NIC BANK in order to verify whether the account number on the slip belonged to Thika Institute…To my shock..the bank declared that the account number on the slip did not exist and that the cheque must be a forged one. immediately i searched online for the institute`s contacts which i requested to be directed to the accounts department..The accountant on the phone confirmed that the institution has no staff by the name Martin Thiongo and no cheque of 210,000 had been released yesterday.

Immediately i rushed to central police station and made a report. Waiting game was now on and once the culprit arrived,..i only had this to say .. Today you`ve f****d with the wrong nigga!!!.. I thank only God for my escape on this and i hope it doesn’t happen to anyone.

Moral of the story…KAA RADA!!! The lady`s name is Janet Wanjiku and below are her photos at the office of OCS ama ni OCPD sijui…