You can blame him all you want for no longer chucking out great hits, but Akon is blameless when it comes to getting himself beautiful wives and girlfriends.

The Senegalese-American recording artist is quite open about his polygamy, and though it is not clear how many wives he’s got, it is believed the number is up to four.

Asked by TMZ whether America should legalize polygamy, Akon said that he believes that if they adopt that culture, there’ll be less domestic disputes. He added that a man can be spiritually attached to more than one woman. (watch below).

Having many wives obviously presents logistical problems eg. when travelling, but Akon somehow manages. once reported that sometime in 2012, he left all 4 of them at home and took his mistress on an Italian vacation.

In Nairobi this week, he opted to bring his 4th wife, who according to Mediatakeout is called Unique. The same website claims she was an exotic dancer before meeting the superstar.

Check her out.






She is incredibly hot and is now dining with kings. This is the couple at State House Nairobi.