Owago Onyiro who at one time was said to have missed out on a US visa has revealed how he finally got one. While at it, the comedian also blasted Kenyans for not supporting their own and only waiting for one to be accepted by the ‘mzungu’ before celebrating them.

“We Kenyan comedians are the best in the world because we think , right and do everything for ourselves but what we lack is the support” says Owago, adding that the Kenyan audience will love you in the morning and hate you in the evening.  

” In Kenya it is upon the mzungu to notice you. Nobody knew Lupita before the mzungu recognized her,” he added.

Owago revealed that he was a mathematics lecturer at St Paul University Nairobi before he quit to pursue comedy.

On how he got a US visa, Owago recounted how he had to crack jokes.

“I was not asked about my bank statement or anything, the consulate officer went to brag about me to his fellow colleagues” he reveals. “He went and asked the Kenyans who work at the Embassy whether they knew Owago Nyiro and they said yes. When he came back he asked me to crack him some luo jokes and informed me that my Visa had been approved.