olFor the past month or so, OLS.co.ke has been causing ripples in Kenya’s online shopping.

The new entrant has endeared itself to shoppers due to its cheap prices and the convenience that comes with free delivery. Offering products from big brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Dell etc. OLS is by far the best bet when it comes to online shopping.

To further enhance the user experience when navigating the site, they have upgraded and given it not only a fresh and more attractive look, but also increased their product catalog.

The range of laptops on offer has been widened tremendously, and no matter your budget, there’s something for you.

Most importantly, you can be anywhere in the country and you’ll still receive your item. OLS is providing free shipping countrywide for items not exceeding 5kgs. Aside from that, they have a 14 day exchange policy which is more than fair and way above the industry average.

If you’ve not already given them a try, now’s your time. Also make sure to spread the word… you can start by liking their social media pages.