A facebook post telling off the people of Migori by an imposter purporting to be the President’s daughter, Ngina, has been causing a buzz on social media.

After the president was heckled in Migori, ‘Ngina Kenyatta’ posted an open letter that got a lot of internet users fooled. The post read:

Dear Migori people,
I hear you have stoned/thrown shoes at your president. Do you know why Nyanza is the least developed region in the country? I will tell you for free.

It’s your stupidity! A simple act of foolishness takes you back to stone age. Do you think the president will lose anything out of this shameful act? By the way,
he became president even without your support. And he will still be in future until the constitution commands him to retire.
Deal with that.

Raphael Tuju, once brought mobile clinics in Rarieda. You boycotted it since Raila didn’t like it. Now tell me, is it Tuju’s children dying for lack of health facilitie there? How much has your place improved after sending Tuju out of parliament? I can predict Mandera will prosper as you
watch. Even with it’s harsh climate it’s a thousand ways better than you.

You will live and die poor. You will be troubled throughout your existence. That president you shamed was coming to change migori for you. Now it’s time to develop it to your advantage. Other regions are not Pro-Jubilee, but they respect the head of state. They are reaping from their respect. I sympathize with your folly.
Feelings zilete…….. #as_aconcerned_kenyan

It has now been established from sources in State House that the account with close to 90,000 likes is by an imposter. Apparently, Ngina Kenyatta is not active on any social media platform.