karPopular Facebook group Dead Beat Kenya is under threat after one of the listed ‘deadbeat fathers’ took to the courts.

Paul Karung’o wa Thang’wa, a member of Kiambu’s County Assembly is suing the group moderator Jackson Njeru and the lady who made the post, Jacquiline Mwende for defamation.

jacksonJackson Njeru – Dead Beat Kenya Administrator

jacJacquiline Mwende – Aggrieved woman

Through his lawyer, Karungo Thang’wa wants punitive and exemplary damages slapped against Jackson and Jacquiline for claiming he has neglected his child. He says the post amounted to slander and character assassination.

The MCA however does not deny fathering the child, but says that smearing his name on social media is ‘unscrupulous and unethical’. He adds that redress for child neglect should be sought through legal means.

Mr Njeru and Ms Mwende have been summoned to appear in court on September 24 to defend themselves against the accusations.

UPDATE: Following this new developments, Jackson Njeru has made this post.

It has come to the attention of the administrators of this group that their are several senior Lawyers in Nairobi who have been calling men named here as Dead beat fathers promising to file cases in court on their behalf, against the Administrators as well as members of this group who have commented on posts touching on the listed Dead beat Fathers

We wish to make it clear that we always strive to verify all the information we receive from aggrieved mothers or fathers before we approve it for publication in this page. The people who send the information to us take full responsibility for it and they have constitutional Rights to publish such information in a manner that doesn’t contravene the law. We are properly advised that the aggrieved mothers and fathers who publish information on this page reserve their rights to pursue their interests for care, custody and maintenance of the abandoned children before courts of law. If they so did, the same information would become available to the public because court documents are public documents in Kenya.

Members of this group are Kenyans with Constitutional Rights; to express themselves freely and to know how leaders elected to public office and paid with their taxes behave; both in public and private life.

We promise to jealously guard our space and the rights of members of this group in accordance with the constitution and the law at all times.

Thank you


Additional reporting by Daily Nation