BogonkoThe search for controversial blogger Bogonko Bosire has not bore any fruit one year after he mysteriously disappeared. On Thursday police and relatives said they haven’t found any sign of the blogger.

Bogonko disappeared on September 18, 2013.

The blogger had a reputation for rubbing shoulders the wrong way. He often reported on scandals, corruption cases and poked fun at powerful politicians, which got him in trouble having been threatened several times and his website hacked.

His brother, Elkanah Bosire said the family had given hope of ever finding him.

“The police would often call me to go check in the morgues every time they had a corpse that they thought would be him, but it always turned out to be a mistaken identity,” he said.

“It was an awful experience, going to the mortuaries and seeing all those dead bodies. I decided to stop. We have given up hope of finding him.” he added.

Police spokesman Masood Mwinyi said their investigations had found no trace of the blogger.

“Bogonko Bosire was an intelligent, talented — if not sometimes controversial journalist. His disappearance is a tragic loss to the media fraternity here in Kenya,” said Tom Rhodes, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

“CPJ attempted following several leads to his case but was unfortunately unable to uncover what could have actually happened.”

– The Star