The much anticipated big screen iPhone, dubbed iPhone 6 plus (128 GB) is currently available for pre-order on Jumia for only Sh215,000.

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Despite the 128 GB memory, it has a RAM of only 1GB unlike its rival Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which comes with 3GB.

With an 8mp camera, it is also quite inferior to most of its rivals. Apple however says it takes much better images.

The price quoted by Jumia rules out majority of hopeful owners. At Sh215,000, the iPhone 6 plus has to be the most expensive phone in Kenya right now. With that kind of money, you can get yourself two cool volkswagen beetles on or a second hand Mitsubish Lancer. You can also buy about 3 boda bodas and start a vibrant transport business, or perhaps a small plot of land somewhere.

I’ve never understood the blind loyalty iPhone owners afford the company. As a person who has owned an iPhone and several android devices, I can tell you that Apple prices are an absolute rip off. You can easily get a much superior device for a third the price from recognized manufacturers like Samsung and HTC.

It is that fact that perhaps guided the maker of this meme.