If you are currently looking for a job, quickly cross out Chris Kirubi from your list of potential employers. If you’re already working working for him; at Capital FM, Centum, HACO, DHL or wherever, sorry it’s too late.

The billionaire businessman revealed his true colours over the weekend. He is a horrible boss.

Among those who learnt the hard way was Capital FM’s Amina. On Saturday, she innocently tweeted something about Coke Studio Africa.

CK was watching his Twitter timeline and was obviously not impressed that his employee was endorsing something that was not Capital FM.

@Mishyamina you work for capital, you should be tweeting about your show on capital, and your collegues at mt.kenya. stay focussed.” he wrote.


It also happened that on the same day, Capital FM employees were going for a teambuilding session at Fairmont Mt. Kenya. DJ CK was quick to remind them how to pay him for the free goodies.


A few hours later, perhaps due to the backlash he received on Twitter, Kirubi tried to make things right with Amina.


And as a smart employee who wants to keep her job, Amina had to play along.


Enough damage had however been done and as always, KOT had something to say.