powerEvery single Kenyan has some kind of relationship with Kenya Power. The company that’s supposed to supply us with electricity does mostly a good job, but in its business, mostly is not enough.

An hour without power is enough for it to receive all kind of insults.

For about 2 months now, Balozi estate residents have not been Kenya Power’s biggest fans. Constant blackouts have been the order of the day.

Media personality Getrude Mungai is one of the angry residents, and she copied this letter to Cofek.

By Gertrude Mungai: (To KPLC CEO) I would like to register my utter disappointment with the level of service we have been receiving from Kenya Power in Balozi South B for the past 2 months.We have been having blackouts every week some 3 days in a row.

All we get from customer care is “Our Technicians have been informed and are going to site”.

The question is why can’t this problem be dealt with once and for all?How incompetent is your staff to keep on coming to deal with the same issue day in day out.

We have small children who need to be taken care of and you don’t expect a 2 month old baby to eat cold food.I am lobbying residents of South B to get a petition to Parliament to end your monopoly once and for all.

Surely what type of organisation do you run?Your twitter handle is ever full of complaints day in day out. 

There is no point of placing advertisements calling for people to connect to power yet you cant even sustain supply of the said power.

I know i am speaking on behalf of many Kenyans whose livelihoods have been affected by your inability to deliver.If you are responding to this mail,please don’t give me a rehearsed response.You are a pathetic lot who add no value to people’s lives but a source of frustration.