pas1Businesswoman and politician Esther Passaris is facing eviction from her Kitisuru residence.

On Saturday, Passaris reported to the police that about ten men stormed her home and started bringing down her hedge. Apparently, they were acting under instruction from the new owner.

“This land matter is in court. I don’t understand how someone could claim to have bought it, yet its title deed is also still deposited at the bank,” she said.

A lawyer representing the ‘new owner’ says that the land was bought several months ago. “The property has been sold to my client and transfer process completed,” he said. The lawyer added that Passaris is now a tenant of his client.

“No one is evicting her, but we shall advise her whether to proceed with the tenancy or not. She also wants the property but it cannot be verified at the registry,” said the lawyer.

Passaris felt that the way the matter was handled was disrespectful.

“They came yesterday and started cutting the fence. This is sheer disrespect to me and the police”.

Additional reporting by Standard