Calvo Mistari has described his relationship to former Tusker Project Fame contestant Amileena as private.

The former Lyrical Assassins member was speaking to Pulse when he described the working relationship both in person and musically.

“Amileena and I are in a private relationship,” he said.

“I don’t like talking about us because what we do is private. Apart from that, we are very good friends who happen to also have a working relationship,” he said reflecting on ‘Get Down and Dance’ done with the TPF 4 finalist.

Speaking about his rumored relationship with singer Patricia Kihoro whom he featured on the hit, Loving Wrong, Calvin Kirimba denied ever dating her.

“We did not date,” he said.

Musically, Calvo is set to drop an album in December.

“So far, I have about 20 songs and I am still recording. This my first solo album and it is going to be huge,” he said.