KISS 100 is now KISS FM with some interesting lineup that totally changes Radio in modern day Kenya.

For the first time in many years, Caroline Mutoko will not be talking to the nation in the morning. In her place is Kalekye Mumo, who brings his afternoon co-host Shaffie Weru to present, not the Big Breakfast, but what they’ve dubbed ‘The Morning Kiss’.

Caroline was working late last night and it all had to do with preparing some cupcakes and balloons for the two people who will attempt to fill her boots. She made this post on Facebook.

Dear Shaffie and Kalekye,
this is my smiling, smug face as I leave the office at this silly hour. 
My smile says that everything is ready for kesho. 
Branding – check
Balloons – check
Celebration Breakfast thanks to Artcafe – check
Cupcakes – check
Champagne – check
All that’s missing is the two of you.

I’m also really smug coz when you get in tomorrow, I’ll still be asleep , 
I would say goodluck, but that’s rubbish, you don’t need it. 
You are fabulous and you will be fabulous!! 
Have a blast, do me proud. Shut the haters up!!