Kenyan actress and BBA hopeful Elle Ciru is reported to have threatened to take her life.

The beauty was highly tipped to be the Kenyan representative in the reality game show but on Friday when Big Brother started announcing the names of the representatives, Elle posted a suicidal post on Facebook.

“Fighting to not commit suicide so kindly let me be. Work continues but I need to be left alone for a while. I invite abusive men to beat me to death please,” she posted.

The post has since been pulled down as friends and fans moved to compel her against the suicidal thoughts.

The reason for the suicidal thoughts is said to be because she had been rejected by BBA but she has spoken up about the whole ordeal. Speaking to Mpasho, she had this to say:

“I have been going through alot. My friend had been battling cancer and she lost the fight. On top of that, i had all the pressure from everyone saying that I was going for Big Brother and I don’t even know how that story got out . Add to that the fact that my boyfriend beat me and even left me with a cast as a nice reminder. that’s why the post i put up was about men. It read something along the lines of “You can beat me till you kill me but do not keep putting me through this torture”. I have been depressed because I had too much to deal with on my plate and these stories don’t even help. You’re just hurting me. I have even sought professional help for my depression but please, what i need right now is to be left alone.”

We wish her peace of mind.