migoriWhen a white guy tells you that Africa is a dark continent, please agree with him. We’ve proved ourselves time and again that we are an inferior race, and sadly it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

A few days ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta was caught in the midst of some heckling in Migori. It was reported that it was a superiority battle between the current governor and his rival.

Everyone agreed that it was wrong to heckle in the president’s ceremony, and it was thought we had put that behind us. However towards the end of last week, Kirinyaga MCAs bought a newspaper advert to condemn the heckling.

Kirinyaga is hundreds of miles away from Migori and the act of wasting County money on a needless expensive advert was seen as foolish to the least.

It did not stop there.

Yesterday, Migori Governor Okoth Obado led a delegation of over 600 to State House Nairobi to deliver their official apology. According to the Star, 8 buses were hired to bring the crowd to Nairobi.
It is also claimed that each of those in attendance received Sh7000.

When we keep talking about saving costs, I don’t know what reasoning was applied here. In this, I believe the president is as much to blame as the governor and his delegation. Being the ‘different’ kind of president we hope he is, he should not have allowed such ass-licking and waste of public resources.

UPDATE: The ‘appointment’ did not happen as the President was apparently very busy.