moiRetired president Daniel arap Moi turned 90 on Tuesday. The nation united in wishing him a happy birthday. Though very few are happy with the way he ruled Kenya, many have put that behind them.

State House insider and Director of Digital Communication in the Office of the President Dennis Itumbi took to Facebook to wish Moi a happy birthday.

However, he had a list of 20 things he would want to know from him.

Here’s his post.

Happy Birthday Former President Moi, Please give us a book; There are several things some of us would want to know:

1. Kadu and Kanu the inside story of the merger

2. J. M Kariuki the true story

3. Biwott and The Jewish wife, just how influential were they in your inner circle 

4. 1982 attempted Coup…It is said it finally gave us Moi, what is most memorable to you

5. When the Late Dr.Mungai slapped you twice at Nakuru State House what went through your mind?

6. Kibaki the man, what don’t we know? his resignation in 1991?

7. Detentions what did you know?

8. Golden berg and Patti? 

9. The dream team?

10. The late Godana Bonaya was said to be a man after your own heart why?

11. Your diet?

12. Your brother died in 1997 aged 106 years…what is the secret of long life?

13. Lena Moi what is the true story?

14. Are you really 90 years old? Mzee Bargentuny died the other day aged 91, yet he was younger than you. A scan at the hansard when you were Minister Home affairs shows you speaking about things that happened before 1924 and saying you were a young boy then

15. How has been retirement? 

16. 2002 Elections, some people stuffed ballot papers and were ready to transport them when your Candidate Uhuru disagreed with them and said he wanted to concede…you stepped in and solved the matter…that is a story only you can tell well

17. Ouko the story from your view

18. Kanu had the best grassroot feel as a political party what was the secret?

19. Kenya was bombed in 1998…what went on behind the scenes?

20. What are your best moments as president?

Of course many other things about Moi the Man and Moi the Politician.

Happy Birthday…