git1. Worst day of my life?

When I lost my mother right after high school.

2. What is your fondest memory of your mother?

I remember sleeping on her lap as she watched WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), she loved wrestling (laughs). I did not love the programme but I loved sleeping on her. I was such a baby!

3. Biggest misconception people have about you?

That I am a bitch and mean. I blame it on all the roles I get on television or in movies. For some reason, I mostly play the mean chick, yet I am the nicest, easy, loving person you will ever meet (laughs).

4. Best mistake you ever made?

I decided to move out of home after high school at age 18. It was a trying moment for me as I had just lost my mother. I was staying with my step-dad and it was awkward. I rented a house in Eastleigh Section 3.

I was paying Sh1,500 for rent and I was leaving in those houses on the roof, one of those houses usually left for care takers! Best job you ever held? I am not there yet, probably years to come. My ideal job is owning and running a successful production company.

5. Dumbest thing you ever did?

I went through a stage in life where I was angry. I would go out looking for someone to cross me so I would fight. In one of those episodes I hit a girl on the head with a stool for being mean!

6. Least marks you ever scored in an exam?

I got an E in history when I was in Form Three. That was when I knew I had to say goodbye to my dream of being a lawyer and to come up with a new one (laughs).

7. Best love of your life?

My job. Currently I’m hosting Karaoke show and I also act in movies and television programmes, and now for the first time my production company, which I run with Janet Kirina is picking up. We are working on a reality television show called Finding Love.

8. Hardest decision you’ve ever made?

To be an actress. When I was joining the industry, it was barely breathing, there were no opportunities and you could not make a living out of it. But over the years, it has grown and things are now looking up.

9. Best way to relax?

I lock myself at home, put my phone off and do nothing or read a book!

10. Your biggest addiction?

Ugali and sukuma wiki. It is crazy how I can eat ugali and sukuma wiki day in day out!