The capital city has had it’s glory days and they are long gone. Nowadays, Nairobi is a beehive of activity with almost everyone always in a hurry to get somewhere.

It is often overcrowded and there is barely enough room for everybody. Matatus are everywhere flouting all the traffic rules they possibly can, touts screaming at the top of their voices, conmen and con women making a living, hawkers always on the run from Nairobi City Council, beggars lying on the streets and woe unto you if you find yourself in a dark alley because you will be robbed in broad daylight with no one to help you.

But it’s not all bad though a lot could still be done to improve the image of the country’s capital city. Perhaps make it less congested like in the early 80’s.

Here is what that looked like.. quite clean, lots of radio shops, afros everywhere and fashionable ladies. Help us if you know where this was taken.