moses kuriaGatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is keeping up with his ‘no tongue brakes’  trend.

Over the weekend, Kuria was having an intense discussion and name calling with Boni Khalwale on Twitter, a decision the latter is probably regretting. It all had to do with the referendum calls, but it got personal and ugly.

Moses Kuria tweeted,

“If National Assembly receives referendum bill in Jan 2015, it could pass to senate by Jan 2016 which will then pass to IEBC by Jan 2017” 

To which Khalwale abruptly replied, “My friend @honmoseskuria before you start talking on referendum issues make sure you actually win an election for once in your life”

Kuria is not one to be brought down easily. It seems he has a dossier on everyone, and makes sure he gets the last laugh.

@BoniMtetezi Your party CORD could not afford a candidate against me. What was i to do?Are you still procuring abortions by the way?” He replied.


“You are not worth my mentions @honmoseskuria . Abortions ni wewe .Even if you were erected or selected in Gatundu.You need to have brains” Khalwale quickly hit back.

As I had mentioned, Kuria likes to have the last laugh. “@BoniMtetezi you know you financed your entry into politics through abortions revenue. Si unajua hivyo. Tena umekuwa malaya ya siasa” he wrote back.

It continued for a while with Kuria making some shocking allegations eg. he is the one who rigged Khalalwe in Ikolomoni, and that the bullfighter is extorting governors 100k to clear them in the senate.

Here’s a screengrab.

mos1 mos2