Agnes Saumu, Sonko’s eldest daughter can be considered the latest entrant into the showbiz industry after she came up with the idea of having a family reality show.

The Jomo Kenyatta University (Karen Campus) student spoke to Pulse last week where she revealed what it is like to be the Nairobi senator’s daughter. Sonkolet, as she likes to call herself said that the best thing about being Sonko’s daughter is the fatherly love she and her sisters get.

“The best thing about being Sonko’s daughter is not just about the money and the luxury. It’s the fatherly love we all get from him. He has a warm heart, he understands, is generous, loving, and very funny. He is my motivator and my advisor. I just love everything about him,” she said.

However on the flamboyant side of having a wealthy dad, Saumu revealed that she is entitled to a monthly allowance of Sh 60,000, which she uses to shop, party and treat friends. It doesn’t end there, about a year ago she was gifted with a convertible classy ride worth Sh2 million by her dad. She has also travelled the world to destinations such as London, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, India and China, just to name a few.

Needless to say, with an allowance bigger than many people’s salary, her life is quite enviable.