22 year old photojournalist at the Standard Media group, Jeff Ochieng’ is one disturbed fellow as he has never had the chance to meet his biological father. Someone said, only the mother knows the real father of the child.

Well, Jeff’s mother died 10 years ago before he could get his questions answered. The lad now wants to know if by any chance Uganda’s opposition leader, Kizza Besigye is his father as their resemblance is uncanny.

In an interview with Uganda’s New Vision, he recounts people asking him on many occassions whether he knew Besigye or had any close connection with him. “I was sent to Kampala on assignment. Aboard the Kampala-bound bus, many people quizzed me on whether I knew Besigye, or if I had a close connection with him. What shocked me the most was when we visited a local market and everyone ran up to greet me chanting, ‘Besigye, Besigye’. They were speaking in Luganda so I could only pick out the name Besigye from what they were saying,” he said.

This forced Jeff to contact a Ugandan newspaper, New Vision. When his story was published on the news paper, it attracted massive response owing to the fact that the resemblance was eerie.

The Ugandan politician on the other hand said that Jeff was not his son only that people look alike. However, he is more than willing to meet up with Jeff.

Jeff will be travelling to Uganda later in the month to meet Besigye.  “I am not implying that he is my father, but the aim of my journey is to get his story and find out whether there is a link somewhere. My efforts to find out from relatives who my true father is have been fruitless. Maybe my trip can give me some clues. I hope I can meet Besigye to clear up my anxiety. If he is my father I will be grateful to have found one; if not, I will still be grateful to have met a good buddy that I look like,” he said.

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