In the past few months, quite a number of politicians have fallen prey to robbery and burglary especially in the high-end estates losing large amounts of money and personal effects.

Friday was the time for Nairobi nominated MCA, Leah Mumo who fell victim to the menace. Mumo was carjacked as she was driving into her compound at 10pm in company of her 13-year-old son.

Speaking to the Star newspaper, she said, “they bundled my watchman into the back of their car and me and my son into my car.” The gang drove off with her and threatened to kill her if she did not cooperate.

She was then ordered to surrender her two mobile phones, I-Phone, laptop, silver chains and golden rings. That not being all, they dismantled her car music stereo and took Ksh 30,000 in her handbag before heading to Chase Bank Buru Buru forcing her to withdraw Ksh 40,000. “They dismantled the car’s music system and told me to give them the Sh30,000 I had in my handbag,” she said

They later drove around Nairobi until it was midnight when they went to an ATM she couldn’t recall and withdrew another Ksh 40,000. They further took Ksh 40, 000 in another pocket of her handbag meant for a Harambee before dumping them at Bahati.

The MCA strongly believes the robbery was politically instigated.  “I feel this is political because there are some people who don’t want to see me contributing in Harambees. The PCEA church had invited me for a Harambee the next day and I suspect there are people who never wanted me to go there because I will gain political mileage,” she said