There is a reason why these new seats bought for parliament committees are both loved and hated by MPs.

This was evident yesterday when a Mweshimiwa fell off his seat as he applauded his committee boss over a ruling to sack a cabinet secretary.

Mumias West MP Johnson Naicca erupted in joy shouting “Yes!! Yes!! ”, almost the same way Francis Atwoli does when committee chairman Maina Kamanda (Starehe) said the Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu had erred and must be sacked,.

“That is very good! …” he affirmed pumping his fist in the air “and we must be firm as a committee when these things happens, Mr. Chairman.”

The house boss looked at him and gave him opportunity to speak.

“Mr. Chairman…” he began, with inflamed gesticulation, only half – standing, explaining his point. His seat suddenly moved back, he lost his balance and he dropped down like a bag of cement.

Interestingly enough, he did not finish his point and instead went ahead to blame the new seats that the parliament had bought for committee rooms. “Ahh, sorry, which media houses are here? Please do not write that. You will find yourself in such a position one of these days.” It is, however, true that the seats have wheals and are very comfy. The floor has very smooth titles and so any slight movement that upsets the stability on the seat is probably to displace the occupant of the seat.

Additional reporting by Standard