Today, I went to Uchumi sarit center to load Mpesa. The guy at the counter gave me a piece of paper to fill in my name, phone number and the amount. I did as instructed and handed him together with my ID. He loaded the money alright and showed me to confirm before sending which I did. he gave the book to sign in hurry so that he could serve the next customer… After a minute, I informed him that I was yet to receive the money he was to load a minute ago to phone… lo and behold!!! he said he had already sent and showed me a name of some guy.. which obviously was not me! I asked him to call safaricom immediately to reverse the transaction.. which he pretended to do. He asked me to step aside so that he could talk.. After a minute he informed me Safaricom will reverse in 30 minutes so i should go back after time lapse
I decided to shop at the supermarket to kill time. I walked back and asked what happened because I still had not recieved… What happened next is so surreal, you wont believe it!!!! He started lying that I’m the one who gave him the wrong number and when we asked for the I had jotted my details,I noticed he has changed some digits eg he shaded 4 to look like 9 etc… I asked him why he has changed the digits and he started arguing with and even he was rude… so the manager comes and I explain my case.. He asked me to follow him to the safaricom show downstairs in hurry and we ran down… At the customer care, the lady told us that the transaction was never reversed at all… and at-least 40 minutes have lapsed and out 25,000 that was sent they could only intercept 4,500 because that the’ wrong guy’ whose money sent to had been given enough time( 40 minutes) to withdraw I requested the safaricom lady to show as the history of the transaction and we saw that’ wrong guy’ at-least went to 3 places to withdraw!!!
The manger and I ran upstairs to the Uchumi management office to talk to even more senior managers…I retold my story and demanded to see the footage at the Mpesa point if the don’t believe me…
What happened next:

1 It turned out the boy had for sure changed my number and intentionally sent it to the ‘wrong’ person.
2. He did not even try to reverse the transaction deliberately
3. Its seems like he used to that kind of thugertism and thieving and share the chums with the’ wrong’ number guy….
4.Happy to say all my money was returned and Uchumi promised to take disciplinary action.

Taken from Facebook