On his Facebook page, blogger Robert Alai posted the story of a guy who had allegedly been swindled cash by his lawyer.

Here’s an excerpt of the post.

A few years ago my elder brother(now 24years old) had a fatal accident involving a matatu he was travelling in. He was hospitalised for weeks and after recovery he proceeded to claim his compensation with the insurance company. He took up the matter to court in aid of a lawyer. Verdict was given and the insurance company paid the amount stipulated on the judgement to his lawyer. The ISSUE now is that the lawyer has not given him even a single cent. The money was paid last year around July. When my bro pressed the lawyer further she disowned him as her client. Which left him feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. My bro suffered a great deal, he dislocated his hip bone and fractured a leg among other injuries. WE DESPERATELY NEED ANY HELP SO THAT JUSTICE CAN BE SERVED. PLEASE ADVICE.
>>The lawyer is Joyce Jesaro. Her law firm is called J.j jesaro advocates company.

>>Case no: victor muasya Mutiso 1308 of 2010.
>>Insurance company. Uap,
>>the money paid was ksh.416,700 minus the expenses and lawyers compensation my bro was to get ksh.333,360.

The guy attached a copy of the court judgment.


As you can imagine, the issue quickly changed from the guy’s compensation to the judge’s handwriting.

Most of the comments revolved around this, and some people had to remind everyone the purpose of the post. “judges should stop writing like doctors.” Arnold Okudo wrote, while Pitasoni Mchizi exclaimed, “My goodness, that handwriting!”

Here are a few other comments.

Beryl Wanga Itindi – Hii mwalimu wetu wa Art and Craft and Music alituambia inaitwa Doodling!

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba – Fatal accident? He should 1st complain about the magistrate’s hand-writing.

Nicole K Jepchumba – That judge should be subjected to vetting and declared unfit to serve in the judiciary, main reason being the poor hand writing.

James M Richu – hii ni mathogothanio

Mitch Lewa – Reading that judgement is a new case all together

Suzeeta Nelly Ho’sway – Badala ya kununulia watoto laptops, huyu judge anunuliwe awe akitype judgements

Otis Konsega – Fatal handwriting

Omondi Makayotto – Ni kuku ndio alitembea kwa hio paper ama ni handwriting ya mtu.

Tiger Chemirmir – ni judgment kweli only the devil can read

Kenneth Ogutu – Wtf is this a prescription?

Edgar Obege – i need the name of that judge,he has injured my eyes…i’ll sue that guy!!!

I’ve always known myself to have a bad handwriting, but this is on another level.