feOnline shopping is about to be revolutionized, thanks to new entrant OLS.co.ke.

They are selling themselves as a faster and cheaper alternative. Faster in that they have partnered with EMS Kenya to ensure delivery within 72 hours at most, depending on which part of Kenya you are. From Bondo to Malindi, they’ve got you covered. Basically, other sites promise to deliver within 7 working days, but here you get it in half that time.

On the issue of price, first thing you’ll note when you check out their products is the considerably lower price compared to their peers. Unlike other sites, OLS does not act as a middleman. They sell their own items from their own warehouse instead of buying from other vendors, and thus unnecessary charges are out.


Among the items on sale are: mobile phones, TVs, cameras, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and basically any home appliance.

So next time you’re thinking of buying something, give them a try.

Website: Ols.co.ke
Facebook: Facebook.com/olskenya
Twitter: @ols_kenya