Once in a while we bump into some pathetic music videos done by Kenyans… Other times, we bump into really pathetic ones.

I’m afraid this is one of that time.

An artist going by the name Maggymi has released what may well be Kenya’s worst song this year.

I don’t know the genre but it looks like an awful combination of many. Let’s not even start on the dance moves.

Maggymi makes sure to mention that she comes from Umoja… Very poor songwriting skills.

Anyway, the singer has the guts to list her requirements for a perfect Nairobi man. Taller than her, no ‘kitambi’, 3 years older than her and should have a tattoo.

Those commenting below the video also have the guts to tell her just how pathetic the song is.

Mike Andanje writes, “Thank you for wasting 30 secs of my life!!”, while George Khamati exclaims, “PATHETIC!!!”.

Maureen Luvanda appears more sympathetic, writing, “woi”.

On Facebook, Berl Wanga writes, “Heheheeee, eiiiiii, hata kama Lupita alisema dreams are valid!! At first I thought she was joking!! Kumbe its a serious song! She deserves a pat on the back!”

Enough build up. Watch it below and give us your opinion.


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