Celebrated radio host, Fred Obachi Machokaa is one disturbed man. This after Mps adopted a report pertaining to names of nominees to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, paving the way for their appointment.

According to the radio presenter, the names forwarded to president did not represent the regional equality and favour a certain community. This prompted him to write the president an open letter through social media asking him to reject the list and request for another with good regional balance.

Read out the letter below:

Dear Hon. President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, our parliament has recommended certain names for nomination to the National Cohesion Commission and submitted the same to you for approval. Sir, I beg you to reject those names PLEASE. I know that Kenyans are fond of complaining about regional imbalance in appointments to public offices but, if indeed there’s a body that truly needs to reflect the face of Kenya, it’s that commission and has currently constituted, it is NOT. I know that the names submitted to you are of qualified Kenyans, no doubt about that, but can we for once have a list of one member from one tribe on this very important Commission? This is a benchmark commission that will deal with EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES therefore its composition must surely reflect the name.

The 15 nominees include former vice chairperson of the commission Milly Lwanga and former commissioner Alice Wairimu Nderitu. Others are former MP Morris Dzoro, Ms Rose Macharia Mghoi, Dr Roba Sharamo, Ms Anne Munyiva Kyalo, Ms Irene Njeri Wanyoike, Mr Adan Abdi Mohamed, Ms Alasa Osman Hirisi, Mr Eric Oluoch Ogwang, Ms Belinda Akoth Ochiel, Ms Irene Masit, Dr Joseph Wamocha Nasongo and Prof Gitile Naituli.