fidRaila Odinga’s eldest son, Fidel Odinga was the show stopper or rather the buzz killer at the Dala 7s held in Kisumu the other weekend. This was after he allegedly joined fans in attacking motorists who drove across the rugby pitch towards the stand.

Fidel who was said to be in the company of heavily built men stopped one vehicle at the middle of the pitch and forced the driver out.

The driver only identified as Eugene Mutisya was allegedly pulled out of his car and roughed up before his windscreen was smashed.

Speaking to the Nairobian last week, he said, “Many cars drove onto the pitch, why is it that Fidel only attacked mine? This is unacceptable.”

However, sources close to Fidel came into his defense saying “Fidel was already having a hard time with the organisers and as chairman; he was in charge of everything. The driver of the car was insisting on crashing the VIP party.”

Check out the smashed car windscreen: