Popular disc jockey turned musician, Mantix has hit out at his former boss, Candy n Candy records CEO Joe Kariuki for ill treating him during his tenure under the music and film recording stable.

According to the DJ, Joe never appreciated any of his work despite the fact that he was the only contracted deejay at the label.

“I used to do a lot of promotional work for Candy n Candy but he (Kariuki) was too blind to see that. He never appreciated anything I did. He used to never pay me, sometimes I even used to foot my traveling and other costs while on official duty for his company. He used to pour cold water on all my idea and this really pissed me off and that’s why I decided to quit working for him last year,” Mantix told The Star’s Word Is.

With his first single out dubbed Hustler, Mantix reckons that he has progressed since leaving the stable.

“I have just released my first single and I have been booked for numerous shows in and out of the country. These are chances I never got at Candy Records.”

Joe Kariuki however says mantix’ allegations are untrue, “all what he is alleging is untrue. At Candy we abide by every word stipulated in our contracts so he should find something else to blame but not us.”