Bigwigs in the entertainment industry and fans are in solidarity mourning the death of famed ‘Tausi’ actor Derrick Amunga aka ‘Master Sugu’.
The 42 year old was reportedly found on a trench bleeding meters away from his home with no phone or identification. He was rushed to Kenyatta National hospital where he died while under treatment.
In honor of the ‘fallen soldier’, comedian Churchill dedicated this moving poem.
“No one will ever know the happiness you brought,
It broke our hearts to lose you,
The day God called you home,
A million times we needed you,
As each day passes
We sit and wonder why?
why you were taken 
without a chance to say goodbye
and as We start thinking
with tears running down our cheeks
We think of life without you and it really makes us weep
We think of the future
and nothing seems that bright nothing is the same without you in the art industry
all We have is memories and a hole inside our heart
We knew how much We loved you from the very start
I just want so much for this pain to go away
Rest in peace Derek Amunga.’