sipBy Alice Amati.

Hi all. Yesterday I was walking in westlands,then I took a wrong turn and walked into a lane that’s rarely used, if ever. Opposite Impala Club there’s a car wash. So I took the lane between the Car wash and the petrol station and walked into guys siphoning fuel. Grey 5ltr jerry cans were being used to siphon and pour into some bigger tank/drum/bucket that was hidden among some bushes.

I freaked out and at that moment I knew I was lost,the guys noticed me and there was another vehicle reversing in high speed right behind me so I couldn’t about turn. I walked past them,said hi even,and walked on to a dead end. Then I headed back. This time I looked closely. 5 guys, 3 vehicles,3 jerricans. KBT 329G green CRV,KBY white probox, KBK covered white pick up. I couldn’t take photos cos the guys were already alert,they even asked me what I was looking for,I told them and they directed me. And that’s the best number plate memory I could hold.

Buyer be warned.

Buyer beware updates