Groove Awards Male artist of the year, Bahati has come out to refute allegations that he boycotted a show in Nakuru after his diva demands were not met by the event organizer.

The young gospel star was set to perform at a charity concert but he turned it down after his demand of a six figure performance fee could not be realised. However, the artist has denied the accusations claiming it is all a misunderstanding.

“It’s true, I refused to perform in Nakuru but it was not for money. It was because of the uncanny and orthodox manners of the organiser, who is a pastor in a certain Church in Nakuru, that pissed me off,” Bahati told the Star.

“Days before the event, we had initially agreed that I was going to a certain children’s home just to give a motivational talk to the kids. But a day to event, I was taken aback when he informed me that he had even organised a show for me alongside other artistes and a comedian at a certain hotel within the town. And that the governor of the county was to attend. I was hesitant. He pleaded with me and we agreed on a fee. But when I arrived in Nakuru, he said that he had only managed to raise just a mere fraction of what we had agreed. He even said that it was all he could afford. I got angry as I had incurred expenses and what was on offer was not even going to help. So, I just decided to quit and drove back to Nairobi the same night.” He narrated.

“I love mentoring kids but when suspicion in the manner the show had been organised came up, my conscious convinced me to leave. He had even put up posters all over the town without my consent. Furthermore, there is the professional side of this ministry.” He added.