dropWe have heard of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other websites that have photo sharing as frontline in their daily operations. However, and unfortunate, these websites do not have a direct income to the end users; but for the local youth, a solution is finally here.
A developer at a local university has created a simple and easy way to earn quick money daily. The website www.dropandlike.com has become the talk of town with over 300 registered users on the day on its launch and more youth still joining.

The earning process is rather easy and this has resulted in the fast growth of DropAndLike.
Users of DropAndLike pay a small fee of KES 47 to Upload a photo (Funny or Captivating) and participate in daily competitions that close at 11PM daily. To earn the daily prize, users are supposed to get as many likes as possible for the photo(s) they upload. At 11PM, competition is closed and the leading photo in the number of likes wins the owner KES 1,000.

Hurry now!! Get your DropAndLike Account. Make quick money daily.
The competition opens again the following morning.

Some of the lucky winners are:

Tryce Sammy
(Get Photo from site)
(Get Photo from site)
Adrian Elvis
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(Get Photo from site)

Contact Address: [email protected]