Yesterday’s Saba Saba rally did not receive live media coverage, as many would have expected. The decision is believed to have been guided by a recent Communication Authority of Kenya circular warning media houses from broadcasting hate speech.

The rally was expected to be full of vile, hate and anger, directed at particular sections of people, and beaming it live would have probably worsened the volatile situation in the country.

Blogger Robert Alai however had a different theory on why TV stations did not provide adequate coverage. Writing on Facebook, Alai said that President Uhuru personally called media owners and told them not to. This was his post.

President Uhuru called media owners and told them not to cover #SabaSaba rally. 

What he doesn’t know is that when he blacks the information, people go out in the streets to look for action. If there was live TV, most would rather stay at home and watch. 

Funny that even the media has President as editor in chief. Funny where our media is headed.

Al Jazeera was meanwhile at the stadium giving live coverage, though not for the full rally.