ray c and chidi benz

‘Songea’ hit maker, Ray C has been on a mission to save the many indebted in the drug addiction menace. Looking through her past, she has had a very tough time in the drug addiction vice.

Away from her tough moments, Ray C has been on a mission to help out fellow Tanzanian artiste languishing in drug addiction. Last time, things got heated between her and ‘Siamini’ hit maker, TID, with the latter throwing some rather harsh words on social media.

Things seem to have taken a different twist as she is in a hospital bed recuperating from a thorough beating she received from a fellow artiste, Chidi Benz. Speaking to Bongo 5, Ray C explained that that she had approached the artiste concerning a show to educate the youth on effects of drug abuse and that he might have taken it wrongly probably because he was under the influence of drugs,

“Frankly speaking, he attacked me on Thursday night and beat me up and destroyed my property. Am wondering why he attacked me at night and who even showed him where I live . I was only seeking him concerning a show to educate the youth on matters of drug abuse and he misunderstood maybe because drugs have him confused. It should be the drugs because he is not okay. He is now been looked for by the Police and I know that he will hide but one day he will be caught. Tanzanians need to assist the Police in locating him because he is not in a good state “.

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Check out Ray C in hospital.